​The Pecan Grove Hurricane football teams consist of children ages 5-12 years old (as of September 1, 2021) and grades Kindergarten through 6th grade (2021-2022 School year).

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Senior (Ages 11-12)

Head Coach - Corey Rodriguez

Team Mom -  Blair Hersley

Junior (Ages 10-11)

Head Coach - DJ Brown

Team Mom - Jenna Countryman

Sophomore (Ages 8-9)

Head Coach - Daniel Gonzales

Team Mom - Alison Thompson


Freshman (Ages 7-8)

Head Coach - Justin Morris

Team Mom - Jacquelyn Perry &

                        Emily Powell

Flag (Ages 5-6)

Head Coach -  Roy Tucker III

Team Mom - Samantha Ray


All of our coaches go through the Heads Up Football Coaches Certification process before they are allow to take the field.  They are also required each year to take a refresher course before the start of each season after the initial certification has been completed.


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