2022 Pecan Grove Hurricane Board of Directors and Subcommittee
Volunteer Members

​The purpose of the board is to facilitate the operations of the franchise within the     guidelines set forth in the Pecan Grove Hurricanes ByLaws





















President & Director 
of Football Coaches
DonJuan Brown

Secretary & Athletic Director

Stephanie Rodriguez


Vice President
Kenneth Davis

Assistant Athletic Director
Justin Morris


Pam Moreno

 Director of Concessions
Aimee Rubin

Assistant Athletic Director
Bryan Ray


Cheer Athletic Director

Jennifer Pinti

Director of Fundraising

Karin Martinez

Director of Sponsorship

Sherrie Brown

Director of Equipment

and Field Maintenance

Jeff Clinton


Director of Merchandise
Jacquelyn Perry

Director of Special Events

DaNetra Brantley

Director of Team Moms 
Samantha Ray

Communications/Social Media Lead

Raymond Garcia