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Pecan Grove Hurricanes

The Pecan Grove Hurricane organization was formed in 1993 and is part of the Fort Bend Youth Football League.  The Hurricanes operate under the guidelines and rules set forth by the league.  The Hurricanes also operate under the Pecan Grove Athletic Association.

Fort Bend Youth Football League website

What to Expect...

Our season kicks off with a 2 week long Training Camp which will be held towards the end of July.  The training camp is optional but highly encouraged.  Practices start at the end of July  with 4 nights a week and then drops to 3 nights a week once school begins and continues through the season.  Games are on Saturdays and are played at various fields within Fort Bend County. 

Saturday Game Day Schedule

Flag - 8 am

Freshman - 9:30 am

Sophomore -  11:00 am

Junior - 1:00 pm

Senior - 3:00 pm

During our franchise history, we have found that some parents have been surprised with certain aspects of the Fort Bend Youth Football program.  Football/Cheer will likely be more competitive and require more commitment than any sport your child has played thus far.


Click here for greater details about what to expect this season




Football and cheer are physically demanding sports.  If your child should be injured during the season, you will be financially responsible for the medical care that your child may require.  If your child is injured during a game, the EMT has the discretion to call on ambulance for aid or transport. 

The Hurricanes are a Pecan Grove/FM 359 area community organization that is 100% volunteer based.  As a parent, you will be REQUIRED to volunteer.  You will have the opportunity to volunteer in ways that best suit your capabilities of interests. 



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